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Don't delay: guarantee your place now on


The registrations are now open on

Depending on how quick you are to register, there are different prices. Time to see if competitiveness runs in your veins !

  • €49 (inc. tax) - sold out
  • €58 (inc. tax) - sold out
  • €62(inc. tax) - sold out

Once your registration has been validated, you will receive a confirmation of payment as well as an email recap

OTHER possibilities to obtain a race entry: 

your pace RACE

Starting areaPerformance – Target timeJustif performance
Man Elite < 1h10 Yes
Woman Elite < 1h20 Yes
Man Preferential < 1h25 Yes
Woman Preferential < 1h35 Yes
Red < 1h35 Yes
Yellow Your goal is 1h35 No
Blue Your goal is 1h40 No
Purple Your goal is 1h45 No
Green Your goal is 1h50 No
Grey Your goal is 2h00 No
Pink Your goal is 2h10 or more No

The first starting areas (elite, preferential and red) are only accessible if you can present proof of performance. This is why you can't register for them yourself. If you think you belong to one of these groups, register in the yellow starting area and send us the proof of your performances to We will then change your position !

Add an option

Your Fitbit Semi de Paris is YOUR race. To finish up with the most unique memories of the race and to share them with others, you can add some race options. You can choose these at any time from your Semi-Marathon de Paris page on A.S.O. Challenges. Here they are:

  • Your race video: Download a video of your race! This option grants you access to high-definition video recordings – we guarantee that each and every runner will appear in at least 10 recordings. Price: €4.99 before the race and €9.99 after.
  • Personalised medal: A personalised medal with your name and time to make sure that the race is as memorable as possible and, above all, to prove to others in ten years that yes, it really was you who ran that day. Price: €8 before the race and €13 after.